• on March 30, 2020

OLR Food Pantry Update

Updated as of 4/07/2020:

To the parishioners of OLR,

THERE WILL BE NO EASTER BASKET DISTRIBUTION TUESDAY, APRIL 7TH.  All food is being directed toward emergency clients.  Thank you for your understanding.

The Food Pantry is still serving those in need, however this will be on a limited basis.  This decision was made to protect our clients and our volunteers.

I have taken the pantry phone home with me and I will be monitoring it so we can assist those who need help.  I have been getting a lot of requests for information on how others can most help and I have a few suggestions:

  • Monetary donations are always welcome.  It allows us to buy perishables for those in need.
  • If you prefer to donate the perishables istead, we need butter, milk, eggs, bread, cheese, lunchmeats, bacon, sausage, and hot dogs.  You can contact me through the food pantry line at 810-765-4908 so we can make arrangements.
  • Gift cards to local grocers.  Those in need who are not considered vulnerable due to age or medical conditions can be provided these gift cards to purchase their needs.  We can also use the gift cards to purchase perishables.
  • Items that go most quickly in our pantry are peanut butter, jelly, tuna, pasta, pasta sauce, mac & cheese, canned spaghetti, soups, stews, canned fruits and vegetables.  We also are, like the rest of the world, in need of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, antibacterial sprays and wipes.
  • For those who are in need and most vulnerable so unable to leave their homes during this time, I m preparing and delivering boxes of necessities.  These boxes are left on the porches so that the clients are not exposed to the volunteers.
  • I am asking any volunteers that package boxes to wear gloves to limit exposure to the clients and I also recommend that clients leave nonperishables outside for a few days so that any viral contamination is eliminated.  Perishables should be wiped down and sanitized before being brought into the home.
  • Those wishing to volunteers stocking shelves, packaging boxes, and/or delivering packages may call me at the food pantry line at 810-765-4908.  I will retain your information and contact you when you are needed.

We are still very early in this crisis and the need has been manageable.  The longer this quarantine lasts, the more demand for every day necessities will increase.  Please consider your own health and safety first when volunteering.  Your welfare is very important to us and we want you to take care of yourself and your needs.

Please take good care of yourself.  Eat well, exercise, and get enough rest.  May God bless and keep you.


Wendy Klik

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