In Need of Assistance?

Here at OLR Food Pantry, we are more than happy to provide you with the assistance you need.  Please call our phone number and leave a voice message, stating your name, your phone number, and a short description of your needs.  We will get back to you on the next Wednesday we are open between 2PM-3PM.

Phone Number: 810-765-4908

Location: St. Catherine Activity Center-
1103 Washington Street, Algonac MI 48001

Hours: Wednesdays from 2PM-3PM

Please leave a brief message containing your name, phone number, and needs.  Please wait for us to call you back and schedule an appointment.

Want to Help?



If you would like to volunteer at our Food Pantry, please call the Parish Office!  We will put you into contact with the Head of our Food Pantry!


  • Monetary donations are always welcome.  It allows us to buy perishables for those in need.
  • If you prefer to donate the perishables instead, we need butter, milk, eggs, bread, cheese, lunch meats, bacon, sausage and hot dogs.  You can contact me through the pantry phone line (810-765-4908) and we can make arrangements for these donations.
  • Gift cards to local grocers.  Those in need who are not considered “vulnerable” due to age or medical conditions can be provided these gift cards to purchase their needs.  We can also use the gift cards to purchase needed perishables.
  • Items that go most quickly in our pantry are peanut butter, jelly, tuna, pasta, pasta sauce, mac and cheese, canned spaghetti, soups, stews, canned fruits and vegetables.  We also are, like the rest of the world, in need of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, antibacterial sprays and wipes.


We ask that you kindly refrain from donating expired, opened or spoiled items.
Thank you!